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A Look at Solid Surface Countertops

Kitchen Remodeling

To finish up our overview of your different choices for countertops, we finally come to solid surface. Solid surface is a man-made material and includes brands such as Corian, Formica, Hanex, Avonite, and Staron.  Known for their beauty and durability, solid surface countertops have sometimes been called a “near-perfect” product and continue to be a top choice for many contractors and remodelers.

One of the greatest benefits of solid surface is its aesthetic diversity.  Since solid surface is available in practically every color and design, you can find a color that blends seamlessly with the style you already have or want to create in your kitchen or bathroom.

Another benefit of solid surface is that you aren’t limited by the size or shape of the stone that is quarried. Instead, solid surface countertops can be created specifically for the dimensions of your kitchen or vanity, allowing for virtually invisible seams unlike natural stone. This seamless quality is especially appreciated when you have features that break up your countertops, such as sinks.  Solid surface countertops can simply incorporate the add-on into the design, creating a seamless look throughout your entire kitchen or bathroom.

Outside of the visual beauty of solid surface countertops, they are also extremely practical and durable. Because they are man-made, they are created to be solid and non-porous. This removes the necessity of sealing the countertops – a common practice with natural stone.

Solid surface is also naturally resistant to heat, stains, and scratching. If damage does occur, it is repairable and renewable.  Light scratches only need to be buffed out while deep scratches and burns can be sanded out. If the countertop receives extensive damage, it is possible to remove only that portion of the counter, have a replacement portion created, and then have it installed and blended to the point that it remains seamless.  These countertops are also easily cleaned with water and a mild cleanser. All of these qualities mean that your countertops will remain beautiful long after they are installed.

While solid surface countertops are extremely durable, it’s still important to use proper handling techniques when using them as a work surface.  This means using a cutting board as well as placing down hot pads for any pots or pans.  By taking care of your solid surface countertops, you will protect them and ensure lasting beauty.