When it comes to custom countertops, one important area many buyers don’t spend enough time on is edge profiles. While areas like material and grain choice often get most of the attention, the edge profile will often define how the kitchen looks – and more importantly, how people and other design elements function within it.

At Accent Custom Countertops, we’ll help you find the perfect edge profile for your remodel. Here are the three factors we recommend you consider while making your choice:

  • Kitchen efficiency: The right edge profile will help dictate how you and others move and operate around the kitchen. Consider your most common tasks in the kitchen, as well as how they layout affects where you move.
  • Safety: Particularly if you have small children or infants in the home, you may want to consider a rounded edge profile for safety. This way, you don’t run the risk of children running into sharp edges and being injured.
  • Style: For those looking for edges to be as subtle as possible, square or mitered edges are the best ways to go. Rounded edges show up a bit more, but as we noted above, they’re safer.

We have a simple guide that can show you the various edges we have, and how to choose the right ones. If you’re considering new custom countertops for a kitchen or bathroom makeover, speak to the pros at Accent Custom Countertops today.