Maximum overhangs for islands, bars, or anything else without supports such as corbels or steel bars are:

  • 6” for 2cm Granite
  • 10” for 3cm Granite
  • 12” for 2cm Quartz
  • 12” for 3cm Quartz


The unsupported portion of the overhang can never be more than 1/3 the width of the entire countertop.

Countertop Supports: We can provide and install supports for overhangs. Supports need to be added every 24” to 36” but not more than 12” from each end.

10″ x 2-1/2″ x 1/4″

13″ x 2-1/2″ x 3/16″

What length granite bracket will you need? Typically the bracket will be the same length as the overhang.

  • The drawing below shows a 96 inch countertop with a 16 inch overhang past the pony wall. 20 inches total.
  • The length of the bracket should include the width of the pony wall. In most instances the pony wall is 4 inches wide. The overhang plus the pony wall = 20 inches.
  • Countertop supports should be set 3” to 4” back from the front edge of the countertop to insure they are hidden from view. So 20 inches – 4 inches = 16 inch brackets.
  • If your pony wall is made from 2 x 6s then be sure to adjust your size to accommodate the extra 2 inches.

How many granite brackets will you need?

  • Countertop brackets are generally spaced 18 – 24 inches apart.
  • Start with a bracket at each end of the countertop set 4 – 6 inches away from the end.
  • Now measure the space left – in this instance we have 96 inches minus the placement of the first two brackets placed 6 inches from the edge along with the width of the brackets (2.5 inches each) for a total of 79 inches left.
  • 79 inches divided by 24 inches = 3.2 brackets. 3 granite brackets would be required for the space left.
  • Countertop Length = 96 inches
  • A bracket will be placed 6 inches in from each side
  • The remaining space to support is calculated at 79 inches (96 inches – 12 inches (space from ends) – 5 inches (brackets width) = 79 inches)
  • 79 inches divided by 24 inches = 3.2 brackets
  • Order two granite brackets for the ends and three granite brackets for the middle for total of five countertop brackets.