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Debunking Common Granite Countertop Myths

When it comes to material for kitchen countertops, granite is among the top options out there. This beautiful, durable natural stone has a great aesthetic, along with multiple physical characteristics that make it perfect for multiple rooms in the home.

At Accent Custom Countertops, we have numerous options for granite countertops to meet your every need. Unfortunately, two extremely strange myths have spread around over the years about granite as a material – we have no idea how these got started, but we want to set the record straight so there’s no concern.

They Soak Up Germs

This myth may have originally stemmed from the fact that granite is a porous stone, which is true – but this does not mean it harbors germs in any way. During your installation process, your granite will be sealed using a protective coating, which stops any liquid from being able to seep in. With some manufacturers, this seal will already come built-in.

Nothing will seep into granite once it’s sealed, and cleaning bacteria or other germs is just as easy as any other basic surface. Simple soapy water or antibacterial agents are easy enough to get the job done. In fact, due to the fact that they’re a single solid slab with very few seams or grooves, keeping granite countertops sanitary is comparatively easier than certain other materials.

They’re Radioactive

Because granite is a natural stone dug from the earth, some people believe it’s radioactive. Technically this is true, but there’s a very important caveat to remember here: The quantities. While granite can have some very slight radioactive qualities depending on where it was cut, the amount found here is incredibly small – not close to enough to be harmful to humans. If you’re worried, you can do a test for radon levels. Tests that show high levels of radon, however, are generally influenced by soil under your home rather than the granite countertops.

For more on debunking common myths about granite, or to learn about any of our kitchen countertops, speak to the pros at Accent Custom Countertops today.