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Understanding the Countertop Templating Process

Once you purchase your new countertops, Accent Surfaces will send a templater to your home or business to create a template which we will use to cut your countertops to ensure they will fit perfectly into place.

The following are steps the templater will take during the templating process:

1. He begins by laying down 2¼” strips of thin plywood on top of your cabinets, leaving open areas where your appliances and sink will be placed.



2. Using a measuring tape, he places the plywood 1½” out from the edge of your cabinets to define the overhang. (Custom or no overhang can also be requested). He carefully measures any bar areas that extend beyond the standard 1½” so we know exactly how far you want your countertop to extend.



3. All the strips are then glued together using a hot glue gun to hold them firmly in place.



4. Once all of the pieces are measured and glued together, the templater cuts off any excess plywood.



5. For sinks and cooktops, the templater marks the centerline locations on the template to ensure they will be centered.



6. He then marks where your walls are located and where you will have a back splash or if we will not be doing one. The templater writes what type of edging will be done and where the sink, stove, and fridge will be, so we know which edges need edge profiling and which do not. This also helps us know where to avoid placing seams.



7. Finally, the templater measures the template to confirm that it matches the plans, writes your information on each template, and takes photos in case any questions arise once the template is back in the shop. The template is then removed and brought to Accent Surfaces where your countertop is cut accordingly.



Once the templating process is complete, you will have your beautiful new countertops installed within 5 to 10 business days!