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Easy Steps to Decluttering Your Countertops

Cluttered CountersThe New Year is upon us and you’ve probably already decided on your New Year’s resolutions. Was one of them to declutter your life at home? An easy way to help you achieve this goal is to clean off your countertops. When your kitchen counters are full of stuff, it can add a level of anxiety and stress to your life. Organizing and clearing your counters can go a long way to bringing peace and calm into your home. To help you clear your counters – and keep them clear – here are a few easy steps to follow.

One Counter at a Time
The first step is to pick one countertop. Trying to tackle all your counters at the same time can be overwhelming. After finishing one, you can see the immediate effect of your work.

Start by removing every item from the counter. This includes all of your appliances, kitchen accessories, papers, purses, bags, etc.

Once you have removed everything from the counter, clean the counter thoroughly. A shiny, clean counter will make you feel better and you’ll feel less of an urge to cover it up again.

Take Stock
Now that your counter is clean, take stock of what’s in your pile. Separate all your kitchen items from items that belong elsewhere in your house, such as your mail. Then go through your kitchen items and sort them into “always use,” “occasionally use,” and “never use” items.

The items in your “never use” pile should be completely eliminated. Donate, sell, or toss them out. Your “occasionally use” items should find spots in your cabinets or other storage areas.

Your “always use” pile will be the hardest. If you really want to keep your kitchen counters clutter-free, you should put as few items on it as possible. Small appliances you use on a daily basis can stay, but if possible, put it in a drawer or in a cabinet that’s easy to access. Taking your knives out of the knife block and putting them in a drawer or removing your canister of cooking utensils can go a long way in cleaning up the look of your counter.

Everything in its Place
Don’t let your countertop become a dumping ground for other objects. Create a junk drawer where miscellaneous items can be kept. Have a specific spot in your home for your keys, mail, and bags. Anytime you buy a new appliance, find a spot in your cabinets where it can permanently stay. By creating a space for everything and committing to putting everything in its proper place, you can keep your counters clear year round.