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Protecting Countertops Against E. Coli and Other Germs

If you’ve ever dealt with an outbreak of E. Coli or any kind of food poisoning or other food contamination, you know exactly how high-risk and burdensome this process can be. One of the top sources of these kinds of outbreaks is a lack of cleanliness in food preparation surfaces – including home countertops in some cases.

At Accent Countertops, we’re proud to provide a wide range of granite, quartz and other custom countertops that help protect you against the chances of contamination. What are some of the ways you can ensure cleanliness and general health quality on your countertops when they’re used as cooking surfaces? Here are some themes.

Countertop Material Choice

For starters, choosing a great countertop material can mean more than just a beautiful aesthetic. You’re looking for non-porous materials here, with quartz as a top example – these products do not allow bacteria and other germs to penetrate inside the countertop itself, nesting and spreading in the process.

Granite and other natural stones like it, when maintained in the right ways, also have anti-bacterial properties. One such area of maintenance with natural stone is regular sealing, as these materials will become porous over time if they are not sealed in properly.

Risk Locations

No matter which material you choose for your countertops, the next step is understanding the common locations where bacteria, fungus and other contaminants may hide. For starters, any nooks or crannies on the countertop will be primary locations for these germs – you should regularly be cleaning grout if it’s present, for instance.

When it comes to sealing, consider the right products. There are sealants out there with specific anti-bacterial and other growth-resistant properties, and these will go a long way.

Cooking and Food Handling

Anytime you’re dealing with raw meat, unwashed fruits or raw vegetables, you should be utilizing a cutting board or other protective surfaces. You should have multiple such surfaces available, each used for different food types, and these should be disinfected completely after each use along with the utensils used.

In addition, make sure you’re handling food properly within the kitchen. Never leave raw meat out or unprotected, and wash your hands repeatedly when handling it even for a short period of time. When cooking meat, cook it through fully to kill E. Coli and other bacteria.


As soon as possible after any of your surfaces have made contact with a potentially contaminated raw food, look to disinfect it thoroughly. If you wait too long here, bacterial growth can spread to other locations and risk contamination.

For more on how to ensure you aren’t at risk of E. Coli or other contamination spreading through countertop usage, or for information on any of our high-quality custom countertops, speak to the staff at Accent Countertops today.