Rolling out dough on your countertop

Countertop Woes: Rolling Dough

Many people experience frustration when rolling out dough on countertops. I myself have been both alarmed and worried by the sticky mess left behind on my counters. Here are a few good tricks for getting a nice, flat dough without ruining your surfaces or causing a giant mess.

Maximum kitchen space by hanging pots and pans on the wall

Maximizing Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is one of the most used areas in a home, and can easily become one of the most cluttered. All of the gadgets and tools we use each day in food preparation and projects can take up a lot of space, making it hard to get things done quickly. Whether your kitchen is…


Creating a Design That Will Stand the Test of Time

How do you avoid the temptation to redecorate your kitchen every year? By creating a timeless design, which means relaxed, uncomplicated, and uncluttered. It’s better to create a design that reflects your personal style rather than the latest trends. This requires making mindful and thoughtful choices as well as careful planning. Don’t buy impulsively. Spend…



With such a vast range of colors and patterns, there’s a stone countertop to complement nearly any type of kitchen. When picking your new stone countertops, here are some items to consider: COLOR. A stone with a contrasting color to the cabinets is the best way to showcase your countertops. If you choose a monochromatic…


Wet Bars: Not Just for Entertainment

Did you know there are kid- and family-friendly uses for wet bars? Typically used by adults to entertain other adults with mixed drinks at parties or gatherings, adding a wet bar to your home for you and your kids is easier than you might think. It’s all about how you build it and stock it.…


Selecting a Countertop Brand

Doing your research pays off when it comes to sorting through countertop brand choices, but it can take some time. Although many of them share similarities and we consider all of them good brands, there are some differences that lie in the details. Here are some items you should take into consideration: Warranty The duration…


Kitchen Reboot 2014

If you’re looking to remodel or improve your kitchen, then 2014 is your year. With new takes on old favorites, there is something for everyone, no matter the lifestyle or taste. Neutral color palettes are the favorite, with simple decorative fixtures that are designed with both the past and the future in mind. These fun…