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2017 Color Trends

admin | December 15, 2016 |

Trend: a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

There are trends for everything; fashion, entertainment, and even home design. Color trends and the use of color can’t be ignored when it comes to the place we spend majority of our time, our home. Colors can dramatically enhance the emotion of a room, can be a subtle influence on your lifestyle, and be the focus of conversation.

Each year experts from paint companies, professional interior designers, and home magazines predict what the hot colors will be based upon influences such as art, politics, nature, and influential people in design and architecture. In 2016, a popular color prediction was white and we saw it everywhere and for good reason. From the lack of color on your walls to your marble and marble look countertops, white never fails to look clean and become a color enhancer to let other more colorful statement pieces stand out.

So, what’s predicted for 2017? Let’s take a look.


While some think of Sherwin-Williams as just a paint company, it is one of the most influential players that designers rely on for creative touches and new ideas. This year the people at Sherwin-Williams have given us four color palettes to represent the new year of 2017.

Noir – A rich, bold color palette with colors like Cascade green that brings the night into your home.



Holistic – This palette is the perfect combination of pastels and dark shades using colors like Deep Forest Brown and Mountain Air blue.



Intrepid – Where bold meets bright, Kimono Violet and Citronella yellow are two colors that look odd apart, but put together create a beautiful color scheme.



Unbounded – Take a trip around the world with these colors that represent some of the most beautiful things, with colors like Bee yellow and Freshwater blue.



What have they chosen for the color of the year in 2017? Poised Taupe.
poised taupe

To view the full color prediction visit:  http://bit.ly/2hLfMQK


This firm is well-known for their Pantone Matching System and have their own predicted colors trends every year; this year they have forecasted Greenery as the color of the year.


pantone greenery

It’s a refreshing shade of green that they believe will symbolize new beginnings. Pantone says this “Greenery is nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world.”

To read more on what Pantone has to say about Greenery visit: http://bit.ly/2hpyOep


One of the largest paint companies that has been around since 1947 Behr, each year presents twenty new trend colors.  For 2017, they have put those colors into 3 different palettes.

This year, they are:

Comfortable Palette – Natural pastels that will bring femininity and calmness into your home, with colors like Balanced, a shade of green, and Close Knit, a warm grey.

Comfort palette

Composed Palette – This palette revolves around rich neutral colors with colors like, Wanderlust, a bolder shade of teal.

Composed palette

Confident Palette – Poppy bright colors, combined with the composed palette can make for a great color scheme with colors such as, Jade Dragon, a blue green.

Confident Palette



Although Behr doesn’t narrow it down to one color of the year, their color palettes can speak for themselves and are a great prediction for 2017.

To see the rest of the colors that Behr predicts will be big, visit: http://bit.ly/2gOFlAc

Accent Custom Countertops has professionals to help you pick the right color trend for you. Our experienced staff have seen it all and are always happy to help you choose the right countertop to compliment your pain, wood, flooring, and décor. Contact us today to let us help you become the next color trend.



What You Need to Know About Stainless Steel Sinks

admin | November 28, 2016 |

You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve looked at the displays. Your friends, neighbors and relatives have all weighed in with their experiences and opinions. You’ve heard terms like: gauge, undermount, top mount, single bowl or double bowl. Now it is time to decide what is going to work best for you and your lifestyle and what will look great in your new countertop.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help make sense of it all!


This is the thickness of the steel in the sink. The lower the number, the thicker the steel and the stronger the sink. Typical gauges are 16 and 18; 16 becoming more and more the standard.

Sound Deadening Pads & Undercoating

A good quality sink will always have sound deadening pads and undercoating. Quite simply, they make the sink feel more solid. Without them, running water and other daily tasks can make the sink sound “tinny” and cheap.

One Bowl, Two Bowls?

Single Bowl

Pros: Having one large basin

  1. You can soak things like a baking sheet or broiler pan or anything with a handle so that it can lay flat.
  2. Having a get together? Stack your dishes in the sink until later, not on the countertop, leaving space for more prep work.

Cons: It can be difficult to juggle different tasks that require using your sink such as soaking dishes while needing to rinse off fruits or vegetables.

Double Bowl

Pros: There are two variations to choose from; equal bowls or small bowl / large bowl configuration.

Cons: Having one side be significantly smaller means that dishes may not fit, leaving one bowl only to work in. Large items (mentioned above) cannot be left to soak.

Installation Options

Under mount: Having an under mounted sink is more traditional for stainless steel and are installed this way almost 100% of the time This is especially true for stone or solid surface countertops. The top edge of the sink is hidden under the countertop which is preferred by most people, as it makes it easier to clean off the counter by allowing crumbs and other items to be pushed directly into the sink.

Top mount: This type of mount is rare unless installed in a laminate countertop.

Farmhouse style: These sinks are very different and give a vintage feel. The front of the sink visible and these are typically one large basin.


These are not the sinks that you may have had while growing up or in your first home away from home. Stainless has come a long way over the past decade. While they may still scratch, it is much harder to do so than you may have remembered. A quality sink by Accent Custom Countertops can give you a lifetime of quality and durability. Simple maintenance will leave your sink looking new for a long time to come. Wiping out the sink after use will keep hard water deposits from “spotting”. Using a stainless-steel polish every now and again will bring back the shine and remove fine scratches that occur with normal use. Many sinks now come with a grid that sits in the bottom of the basin that prevents scratching as well.

If you’d like more information, call us at any time. We provide only the finest sinks available that we would all put in our own homes. Call us today!


Attributes of 7 Popular Wood Species for Cabinets

admin | September 14, 2016 |

Cabinets are a big part of the process when designing new spaces for your home, including the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. It’s easy to think only about aesthetics when you are deciding on the cabinets you’d like, but unique qualities and characteristics of each species of wood such as: patterns, texture, hardness and price, should also be considered. There are many to choose from, so to help you decide, here is a list of 7 popular choices and a bit about them.

1. Alder is a softer wood and is less dent-resistant than other wood species. It can mimic cherry if you like the look but not the price. It accepts staining beautifully but just like cherry, the color will mellow over time. If you want a rustic feel, knotty alder is a good choice too. The obvious reason for the name, knotty alder, is because of the greater number of knots and knot holes.

EVO Sterling.Showplace

2.Birch is one of the more plentiful wood species, and is one of the most cost effective woods for cabinets. There is an uneven texture to birch, so if you want that glossy smooth finish, you might not want to go with this specific specie. It is a light colored wood and can be easily stained to look similar to maple.


3. Cherry is rich with color and has a very smooth texture. It’s known for its warm tones and colors and can vary from light reddish brown to nearly black. The patterns and textures can consist of gum spots, pin knots, and sapwood. It accepts staining uniformly but when exposed to light it will darken in color overtime.

Debut Series Portofino Cherry Natural

4.Hickory is the heaviest and strongest American hardwood. The color can range dramatically from a slight white, dark brown, or even a reddish color; note that grey mineral streaks can often occur. You are able to see the unpredictable grain patterns, burls, and knots in the wood. Rustic Hickory has more variation in color and more dramatic knots in the patterns and texture.

Debut Series Athena Rustic Natural


5. Maple has a subtle grain pattern, which gives it a consistent look and feel. The color is more consistent and uniform unless you choose knotty maple; some black mineral streaks may appear in any maple. It will last for years making it a great option if you have younger children.

Debut Series Catalina Maple Light

6. Oak (Red) is a very durable hardwood and is excellent for completing a traditional looking kitchen. The color of oak can vary but will mellow overtime if it’s exposed to light. Compared to maple, oak has an open-grained pattern with carrying texture and appearance. It accepts staining well just like cherry, which can enhance the color and pattern.

Debut Series Athena Oak Light

7. Walnut is a beautiful wood species that is dense and durable. Although it lightens over time, the color is a natural that can range from light to dark brown but can also have a purple tint. The grain pattern usually run straight, but occasionally a wavy grain will appear. Walnut, although a bit more in price, can be used for other projects for your home, such as a     headboard, stairs, or tables to complete a design or look.



Each wood species has its character however; some woods can easily mimic others without exceeding your budget, such as maple, alder, oak, and birch. At Accent Custom Countertops, we have a wide variety of woods to choose from and expert salespeople to help you decide which wood species is best for you and your home.

5 Reasons to Consider Quartz

admin | September 6, 2016 |

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, granite countertops have been losing market share to quartz countertops at an alarming rate. It’s no surprise that quartz is taking over as everyone’s new favorite countertop. You’re probably thinking that it’s too risky to choose a countertop you don’t know much about. So to ease your mind, here are a few things you should know about quartz before you decide which countertop you want representing your home.

  1. Less maintenance – Quartz countertops do not require heavy duty cleaners. Simply use water and soap or window cleaner to clean off your countertop after each use. It’s as easy as that.
  2. Non-Porous – Unlike granite, you never need to chemically seal quartz countertops. The advantage of having non-porous countertops, besides never needing to seal them, is that they are anti-bacterial and stain resistant.
  3. Durable – These countertops are made up of 93% quartz; the fourth hardest mineral known to man behind Diamond, Topaz, and Sapphire. They are resistant to chips, stains, and scratches. They aren’t indestructible, but they sure come close.
  4. Consistent color range – Because of the consistency in color, we are able to use more of the slab than we would with granite. This makes it more cost effective for you and is less waste for us.
  5. Value  Did you know that quartz surfacing has been around for over 25 years? Because of the ever-expanding color lines and the durable nature of the material, quartz has remained one of the best values for your home when it comes to your hard earned dollar. While granite has become a commodity, quartz has become the most popular stone nationwide.

There are pros and cons to any surface. While Quartz is undeniably tough and easy to take care of, it is still possible to damage it. First, no countertop is warrantied against heat. If you wouldn’t touch it with your bare hand, don’t place it directly on the surface. Use a hot pad or trivet to keep the heat from hitting the surface directly. Second, while quartz does come with a material warranty, some chemicals will or can hurt the surface. These chemicals include: Liquid-Plumr, floor stripper, and oven cleaners. Third, the resins in quartz can fade in direct sunlight, so it’s probably not the best surface for outdoor barbecues.

At Accent, we want you to love your new countertops and be proud to show them off. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to choose a color that is right for you and care for your new countertop the right way for years to come.

Granite vs. Quartz Countertops

admin | March 20, 2015 |

quartz or granite countertop

Granite and quartz are widely popular countertop options for both the kitchen and bathroom, but have you ever wondered how they differ? Here is a quick breakdown of granite and quartz countertops so that you can decide which option is better for you. (more…)