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Give Your Wife the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever!

Looking for a great present for your wife for Valentine’s Day? This year, focus on her home. We’ve gathered a list of perfect gift ideas that will make the interior of the home shine even more than usual.

New Cabinets

Does your wife have a certain style that she’s drawn towards? You can give her that interior design style just by installing new cabinets.

At Accent Custom Countertops we offer a wide range of woods and finishes that can give the exact look your wife dreams about. The options are endless, from vintage, to distressed, to showing the wood in its purest form.

These days there are many interior options for cabinets. Give her a beautiful pull out spice rack that makes it easier to access and organize her spices. Or give her a drawer organizer that can effectively arrange the plates, pots or pans.

Countertop Overhaul

Is your wife looking for something that will make your kitchen pop? Replacing the countertop with a brand new one will immediately brighten up the kitchen, bringing a smile to your wife’s face.

A good countertop can last a lifetime and can render a refreshed look for the whole kitchen. At Accent Custom Countertops she’ll only find the best materials available. Our granite and quartz options will make her swoon – they’re easy to maintain and come in spectacular colors.

Floor Reconstruction

Reconstructing the floor in any part of the house would be the perfect surprise for your sweetheart. Hardwood floors are very in right now in kitchens.

Or go for laminate flooring if she doesn’t care for the maintenance of hardwood floors but loves the look. Manufacturers have perfected the look on laminate to give clients the exotic look of hardwood but the durability and easy care of laminate.

Interior Design Appointment

If you know your wife wants a brand new look for her kitchen or bathroom, give her an appointment with a qualified interior designer. The designer can meet at her home to take a look at your space and help your wife’s decor ideas come to life. Give us a call to set an appointment with any of our excellent designers.

Showroom Walkthroughs

If you aren’t sure exactly what kind of gift your wife would like, it’s a great idea to take her to our showroom where she can walk through and point out the things she absolutely can’t live without.

Our showroom is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bring your wife so you don’t have to guess what the perfect gift would be.