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Honed Countertops: Pros and Cons

Top 1editedIf you like the look of natural stone, but not the ultra-glossy finish, you may want to consider installing honed countertops in your home which have a soft, matte look. Honed countertops are particularly nice if you like an old world or farmhouse style.

It’s important to be aware that honed surfaces tend to stain more easily than polished surfaces as they are more absorbent and imperfections may be more noticeable, but they can be equally as attractive in the right setting.

If you like the294edited honed look and can commit to a slightly more high-maintenance countertop, then this may be the perfect fit for you.

How does Accent Surfaces create a honed look?

The polishing process ends before the slab is buffed. This means your stone is still smooth and sealed, but doesn’t receive that final high gloss finish.