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Kitchen Reboot 2014

Paint samples on a paint bucket next to a paint brush.If you’re looking to remodel or improve your kitchen, then 2014 is your year. With new takes on old favorites, there is something for everyone, no matter the lifestyle or taste. Neutral color palettes are the favorite, with simple decorative fixtures that are designed with both the past and the future in mind. These fun new trends can create a whole new atmosphere in your home, and most of the time, you don’t need to start from scratch.

Remodeling can seem like a major project with a lot of expense. But to get a more modern kitchen, it can be as simple as installing new countertops, adding a new coat of paint, and installing different fixtures for lights and sinks. Polished chrome faucets are gaining popularity this year, and fit a number of styles.

Colors for 2014 include grays, beige/bone tones, and white/off-white. The neutral quality makes the kitchen a quiet, soothing place to work and sit in, without the crazy patterns or color schemes of past years—you can go “retro” without going orange, and romantic without too much heavy color.

The idea for 2014 is that less is more. Things have simplified to the point that the kitchen could be any other room in the house—except that there’s a stove, fridge, and large sink. Kitchens are cozier, more natural, and more pleasant to be in for all activities. Change this space and change the atmosphere of your home, whether through starting over or adding certain elements to enhance your existing room.