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Signs a Bathroom Remodel is Needed

At Accent Custom Countertops, we’re here to provide an unmatched list of services for any and all bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects. Our custom countertops, cabinets and other high-quality items are perfect for a variety of home styles and a wide range of budgets.

These services are perfect for everything from a basic stylistic upgrade to a full-on renovation being made out of necessity. What are some signs that your bathroom might be in dire need of a remodeling project from our experts? Here are a few common signals.

Fixture Age

Fixtures around the home experience wear and tear over time, and those in the bathroom are some of the best examples due to the frequency of water involved. Toilets and showerheads are particularly vulnerable – after 10 years of life, they can begin to have functional issues in some cases.

Leaks in the bathroom from any fixture can lead to mold and other health issues, and can cause cracks in porcelain that require major maintenance. Remodeling, however, is a great way to skip past some of these wear and tear problems and bring a more modern look while updating the facilities.

Home for Sale

Any mold or outdated fixtures in the bathroom can drive down the price of a home significantly, so if you’re planning to place yours on the market soon, you should consider an affordable bathroom remodel. In many cases, the amount spent here will not even approach the amount of home value that will be added by revitalizing the bathroom and drawing more eyes during the sale process.

Mold Presence

Mold and water are interconnected – the former tends to show up more often when the latter is present. Some minor mold concerns can be covered with bleach or simple insulation upgrades, but in other cases it will spread to far and require a more detailed fix. A remodeling is one way to deal with mold in a way that will benefit you both functionally and aesthetically, and as we discussed in our last section, can save you money in the long term.

Want to learn more about bathroom remodeling, or interested in how our other services can benefit you? Speak to the pros at Accent Custom Countertops today.