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How to Choose Bathroom Color Schemes

Whether you’re installing new custom countertops or going for a full-bore bathroom remodel, one of the first big choices you’ll be faced with is the color scheme. At Accent Custom Countertops, our specialists will work directly with you to determine the perfect color patterns for your remodel.

Some people are able to zoom through the color selection process, while others take more time to consider the numerous factors involved. Color scheme sets the baseline for the aura of the room, and for many people, this is important in a frequently-visited area like the bathroom. Let’s go over a few tips we generally offer when it comes to picking the right bathroom color scheme.

Be Comfortable

Colors do a lot for personal comfort in a given room, and much of this is determined by subconscious factors. People often just know when they’re comfortable in a particular color setting.

For you and your family, this feeling is very important, particularly in bathrooms that are used every day. Colors everyone can feel comfortable with will go a long way, and on the other side of that coin, a color or pattern that a regular bathroom visitor can’t stand might be more of a problem than you realize up front. Before you invest in a final purchase, make sure everyone is on board.

Bright Accents

Most bathrooms contain limited space, and this makes them perfect for bright colors to be used as contrasts to larger items. Things like bathroom appliances, woodwork and perhaps cabinets in the bathroom will have their own color tones, and you can help make these tones stand out with the right kinds of bright accents.

Stay Flexible, But Plan in Advance

On the one hand, the perfect color scheme takes some planning – in particular, don’t start buying paint or committing to one element of the room before you have the entire thing laid out. At the same time, though, be sure to leave some flex for changes that may take place during the process, as things might need to be adjusted on the fly.

Lighting and Placement

Lighting is vital, particularly for bathrooms that receive sunlight during some portion of the day and may look different at certain times based on this. Make sure to check your colors within all possible lighting schemes that might hit the room. In addition, while placing items in the bathroom, look to match your colors from big to small – start with the bigger items, like tiles, countertops or cabinets, and then accentuate additional colors from there.

Looking for more information on color schemes, or interested in our granite countertops or any of our other kitchen or bathroom services? Speak to the pros at Accent Custom Countertops today.