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Signs a Bathroom Remodel is Needed

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At Accent Custom Countertops, we’re here to provide an unmatched list of services for any and all bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects. Our custom countertops, cabinets and other high-quality items are perfect for a variety of home styles and a wide range of budgets. These services are perfect for everything from a basic stylistic upgrade to a full-on renovation being made out of necessity. What are some signs that your Read More

How to Choose Bathroom Color Schemes

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Whether you’re installing new custom countertops or going for a full-bore bathroom remodel, one of the first big choices you’ll be faced with is the color scheme. At Accent Custom Countertops, our specialists will work directly with you to determine the perfect color patterns for your remodel. Some people are able to zoom through the color selection process, while others take more time to consider the numerous factors involved. Color Read More