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Choosing the Right Countertop Edge

So you’ve picked out your slab. Now it’s time to figure out the details. What kind of edge do you want?

Straight Edge ResizedStraight | This basic square profile comes standard on our countertops. If you have a busy backsplash, the simplicity of this edge may be the perfect option for you.


Mitered ResizedMitered | This is a popular choice for creating an illusion of a big, thick slab of stone. If you want your counter to be the center of attention, this would be a great option.


Full Bullnose ResizedBullnose | This is a classic rounded edge that will stand the test of time and is great for traditional kitchens.


Ogee ResizedOgee | Another timeless classic, an ogee edge has a beautiful and elegant S-curve shape.


Chiseled ResizedChiseled | This hand-finished edge profile will give your countertops a rustic, natural look.


Custom ResizedCustom | If you want to create an edge completely unique to you, we can do that too.


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