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5 Different Ways to Use Dekton

Dekton: Material of the future, now!

Dekton is the newest concept in surfacing, described as ultracompact because of the way it is produced and its ability to withstand high temperatures, strong impact and other harsh elements.

So what is it exactly?

Cosentino, a world leader in quartz surfacing, developed Dekton at the request of designers, architects, and fabricators. It is a mixture of raw materials used to make glass, porcelain tile, and quartz surfacing. Using Particle Sintering Technology, the process fuses mineral particles so that they link up and change their internal structure. By heating the elements to over 3,000 degrees, they bond and become one without the use of resins or glues, rendering a surface that is virtually non-porous, able to withstand temperatures up to 1,400 degrees and is extremely impact and scratch resistant. What used to take nature thousands of years, now takes only hours using the PST process.

What does that mean for me and where can I use it?

This is a great question. The answer is: Everywhere!

It can be used indoors and out. For vertical and horizontal applications. For decorative or functional uses. Furniture or wall cladding. Countertops or Flooring. Below are several examples of what you can do with this great, new material.

1. Countertops – No need to ever worry about staining or having to chemically seal your countertops like granite or marble. It acts much like quartz surfaces in its durability, but even more so. And, you can place hot utensils, appliances, and cookware directly on the surface without fear of damage.   

renovated kitchen

2. Indoor and Out – Dekton has a very high resistance to flame and heat and is completely noncombustible. The elements will not fade or degrade the material so you can enjoy the warmth of your fireplace for many, many years to come.

3. Flooring – Due to Dekton’s high resistance to scratching and abrasion, whether it’s for your home or in a commercial space, you can use Dekton for flooring without worry of the finish wearing down or the need to re-polish.

4. Outdoor Kitchen – There are very, very few products that can withstand the elements and there is nothing like Dekton. Architects and designers have embraced the material for use in outdoor kitchens, adding to the popularity of them. Snow, rain, summer or winter, this is the perfect material for crazy Nevada weather!

5. Exterior Cladding – Because the material is produced in both thick and thin sheets, it has become an ideal solution for both the inside and outside of the office or home. Installation is done by simply gluing the material to the wall. It never moves, doesn’t fade or wear out. Ever.

Now that you know a bit more about Dekton and what you can possibly do with it, don’t be afraid to come up with your own ideas! Here at Accent, we have a wide range of choices in our showroom for Dekton and our designers would love to go into more detail on what it can offer you and your next project!