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Preparing for your Countertop Installation



1.  Make sure your cabinets are properly installed, structurally sound, and supports are in place.

2.  Make sure there is a clear pathway for the installers to maneuver the countertop into the install area.

3.  Remove all drawers, utensils, and other items from your lower base cabinets and remove any fragile items from the area.

4.  Our installers can’t remove their shoes for safety purposes, so you may want to cover your flooring with a non-slip floor protector.

5.  Our installers will do their best to keep dust and residue to a minimum; however, feel free to cover or drape items in the room to further protect them from dust.

6.  We recommend that you turn your HVAC system off to prevent any dust from entering vents and spreading to other rooms in the house.

7.  If we are tearing out your old countertop, make sure your plumbing and gas is disconnected before the installers arrive. You will also need to remove cooktops, faucets, soap dispensers, and other countertop-mounted items as well.

8.  The chemicals and glues used for installing countertops have a smell that may be unpleasant to some customers. We recommend opening windows and anyone who may have more severe reactions should leave the home until the smell dissipates.

9.  Once the installation is complete, the installer will clean and load up his tools and supplies. You should inspect the area at this time to make sure everything looks correct and no items are missing including grommet holes or soap dispenser holes.