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Attributes of 7 Popular Wood Species for Cabinets

Cabinets are a big part of the process when designing new spaces for your home, including the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. It’s easy to think only about aesthetics when you are deciding on the cabinets you’d like, but unique qualities and characteristics of each species of wood such as: patterns, texture, hardness and price, should also be considered. There are many to choose from, so to help you decide, here is a list Read More

5 Reasons to Consider Quartz

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According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, granite countertops have been losing market share to quartz countertops at an alarming rate. It’s no surprise that quartz is taking over as everyone’s new favorite countertop. You’re probably thinking that it’s too risky to choose a countertop you don’t know much about. So to ease your mind, here are a few things you should know about quartz before you decide which Read More

Granite vs. Quartz Countertops

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Granite and quartz are widely popular countertop options for both the kitchen and bathroom, but have you ever wondered how they differ? Here is a quick breakdown of granite and quartz countertops so that you can decide which option is better for you.

Countertop Woes: Rolling Dough

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Many people experience frustration when rolling out dough on countertops. I myself have been both alarmed and worried by the sticky mess left behind on my counters. Here are a few good tricks for getting a nice, flat dough without ruining your surfaces or causing a giant mess.

Maximizing Your Kitchen Space

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The kitchen is one of the most used areas in a home, and can easily become one of the most cluttered. All of the gadgets and tools we use each day in food preparation and projects can take up a lot of space, making it hard to get things done quickly. Whether your kitchen is spacious or small, use these tips to maximize the space and get the most out Read More

Creating a Design That Will Stand the Test of Time

How do you avoid the temptation to redecorate your kitchen every year? By creating a timeless design, which means relaxed, uncomplicated, and uncluttered. It’s better to create a design that reflects your personal style rather than the latest trends. This requires making mindful and thoughtful choices as well as careful planning. Don’t buy impulsively. Spend the time to decide which product you really love. It’s best to save the “trendy” Read More


With such a vast range of colors and patterns, there’s a stone countertop to complement nearly any type of kitchen. When picking your new stone countertops, here are some items to consider: COLOR. A stone with a contrasting color to the cabinets is the best way to showcase your countertops. If you choose a monochromatic scheme, you will downplay the stone. Also, try to avoid choosing a color that is Read More

First Impressions: The Front Desk

As much as we may not want to admit it, looks are important. In business, it’s good to keep in mind the impact first impressions have on customers when they walk into your store or office. Having a front desk with a striking countertop not only looks professional, but it gives the impression that you are a high quality business.